Algebra Tiles

Add tiles to the workspace

Click on any of the buttons below the workspace to add a tile to the workspace. Drag the tile to the desired location on the workspace. Dragging a tile to the left or bottom axes will make it a factor of a product you are representing.

Rotate tiles

Move your mouse over the corner of a tile. A round dot will appear that can be used to rotate the tile by moving the mouse in a circular motion. When you release the mouse button, the tile will snap to the vertical or horizontal.

Change the length of the x and y tiles

After adding an x, y, x2, y2, or xy-tile to the workspace, drag the slider below the x- or y- tile buttons. Corresponding tiles on the workspace will resize.

Delete tiles

Click and drag a single tile to the waste can in the corner of the workspace. Press the Clear button to remove all tiles.

Represent a product

Add tiles to the workspace for each of the factors of the product. Drag tiles for one factor to the vertical or horizontal axis and drag the remaining tiles to the other axis. A red rectangle is shown around the area representing the resulting product.

Add tiles as needed to fill up the rectangle representing the product.