Time - Digital and Analog Clocks

This Clock virtual manipulative opens with both a Face Clock and a Digital Clock showing the same time, including seconds.

Click the check boxes to change these options:

This manipulative is closely related to the "Match Clock" and "What Time Will It Be?" manipulatives.

Link Clocks

With the Link Clocks option on, you can set the time on either clock, and the other will match it.

To change the time on the Face Clock:

To change the time on the Digital Clock:

With the Link Clocks option off, the time on either the Face Clock or the Digital Clock can be set independently.

Show Current Time

With the Show Current Time option on, the time displayed matches your computer's clock. Initially the clocks are automatically linked, so they both display the same (current) time, with or without displaying seconds. When you click on an hour or minute hand to move it, the Show Current Time option is automatically turned off.

Show Seconds

With this option, either both clocks show seconds or both do not. The second hand (on the Face Clock) and the seconds column (on the Digital Clock) appear together. When the clocks are linked, the seconds can be set on either clock and will then be matched on the other one.