Fraction Pieces

This virtual manipulative can be used to work with fractional parts of a circle or a square. Using this virtual manipulative you may:

Add blocks to the workspace

  1. Click the Squares or Circles radio button to choose the type of whole to work with. The block buttons will change to show fractions of the type of whole you chose.
  2. Click a block button to add a block to the workspace.
  3. Click and drag the block to where you want it. If you drag a block to the inside of a whole outline it will snap into place.
  4. Click on a block to select it and then on a color button to change the color of the block.

See a fraction name for a block

To see what fractional part of the whole a block is, check the Show Labels checkbox. Then move the mouse over the block. A fraction name will be shown on top of the block.

Remove blocks from the workspace

Drag a single block to the Trash Can to delete it or Click Clear at the bottom left to remove all blocks from the workspace.