Adding Fractions

Using this manipulative you may:

Finding a common denominator

To find a common denominator, use the up and down arrow buttons located under each whole. The up arrow button increases the number of parts a whole is divided into. The down arrow key decreases the number of parts.

Naming equivalent fractions

Once a common denominator has been identified, type the names of the equivalent fractions into the appropriate boxes. Check your answer by clicking the Check button. If you have correct names with the same denominator, the next step in addition will appear.

Combining fraction representations

Combine fraction representations by clicking and dragging a highlighed portion of one fraction and dragging it to the blank whole at the right.

Writing a fraction sum

Enter the name of the sum into the fraction box by clicking there and entering values. You may then check your answer.

Working another problem

Click the New Problem button to start another problem.