A physical geoboard is a board with nails hammered into it. Shapes are created by stretching elastics around the nails.

Using this virtual manipulative you may:

Add a geoband to the board

  1. Click and hold down the mouse button on the geoband button near the top left corner of the geoboard.
  2. A geoband will appear under your mouse.

  3. Drag the geoband to a peg and release the mouse button.
  4. The top part of the geoband will attach to the peg.

  5. Move a geoband to a different peg by clicking and dragging the top half of it.
  6. Attach the other end of the geoband to another peg by clicking and dragging the lower half of it.

Connect a geoband to additional pegs

  1. Click and hold the mouse down on the midpoint of the geoband.
  2. A new point will appear on the geoband.

  3. Drag the point to the peg you want to attach it to.
  4. Release the mouse button.
  5. The geoband will be attached the peg.

Remove a geoband from a peg

  1. While holding the Shift key down on your keyboard, click on a peg that a geoband is attached to.
  2. The geoband will be removed from the peg.

Remove a geoband from the board

  1. Click on a geoband.
  2. Click the Delete button or press the Delete key on your keyboard.
  3. The geoband will be removed from the board.

Make closed shapes

A closed shape is one for which the ends of all sides connect to other sides. To create one:

  1. Use one geoband connected to three or more pegs.

Make open shapes

An open shape is one for which ends of at least one side does not connect to other sides. For example: a line, angle, or multiple angles. To create one:

  1. Use one or more geobands to create a shape where the ends do not meet.

Color the area inside of a geoband

  1. Select the shape to color by clicking on one of its sides or corners.
  2. The sides of the shape will turn blue to indicate that the shape is selected.

  3. After selecting a shape is selected, click on one of the colors in the pallete to the left of the geoboard.
  4. The color of the selected shape will change to the color that you clicked on.

Clear the geoboard

  1. Click the Clear button.
  2. All geobands will be removed from the geoboard.

Measure perimeter and area

  1. Click the shape to measure.

  2. Click the Measures button.

  3. A text area will be displayed giving measurement information for that shape.