Golden Rectangle

The Golden Rectangle is a plot created by starting with a rectangle, chopping off successive squares, and drawing quarter circles with a radius equal to the side of the square that was cut.

The center of the spiral is obtained by intersecting a diagonal of the largest rectangle with a diagonal of the second-largest rectangle.

Using this virtual manipulative you may:

Start plotting

Click the start (right arrow) button in the top right corner of the virtual manipulative.

Pause the plotter

Click the Pause button.

Clear the plot

Click the stop button.

Turn the outer rectangle

Click the Turn Rectangle button.

Hide the inner squares

You may choose to display the squares used to generate the rectangle or not, using the Show Outlines check box.

Display the spiral center

Check (turn on) the Spiral Center check box.

Change the size of the outer rectangle

Click and drag the slider to the right of the plot.