Ladybug Leaf

This virtual manipulative provides an environment similar to the Logo programming environment that allows you to create, try out, and revise plans (programs).

Using this virtual manipulative you may:

Show/Hide the leaf

Click the Show Leaf button to display a leaf in the workspace as a goal for your ladybug, or if a leaf is already in the workspace, you can hide it by clicking the Hide Leaf button. Clicking the Show Leaf button again will put a leaf in a new spot.

Create a plan for the ladybug

A plan (program) is a list of steps you want the ladybug to follow. Click any of the action buttons to add steps to the ladybug's plan. The plan list lays out the actions the ladybug will take.

Move forward one step.
Move backward one step
Rotate right (clockwise) 45 degrees.
Rotate right (clockwise) 90 degrees.
Rotate left (counter clockwise) 45 degrees.
Rotate left (counter clockwise) 90 degrees.

Try out your plan

Once you have created a plan, try it out to see if it does what you wanted.

Click the Play (right arrow) button. The ladybug will follow the specified plan, one action at a time. As each step is taken, it is highlighted in the plan window.

To pause the ladybug while it is executing a plan, click the Pause button. You can return the ladybug to the beginning by clicking the Stop button.

To move the ladybug to a given step in your plan, click that step in the plan window.

Change (edit) your plan

Click on a step in the plan window (the list of steps) where you want to make a change. The step will be highlighted and you can insert an action before the selected step by clicking one of the action buttons. To remove a step from your plan, click the Clear Step button. When you have made the changes you want, try out your new plan by clicking the Play button.

Erase your plan

Click the Clear All button.

Move the leaf

Click the Move Leaf button to get a new goal for the ladybug.