Number Line Bounce

This virtual manipulative can be used to visualize a sequence of operations on a number line and to create number sentences representing the operations.

Using this virtual manipulative you may:

Create a sequence of operations to arrive at a number

A number is displayed and instructions are given to place the displayed arcs in a sequence on the numberline to arrive at the specified number.

Click and drag any of the arcs to the numberline. When you release the arc it will move so that its tail is positioned on zero.

Repeat this process for each of the arcs shown. Now when you release an arc it will move so that its tail is located at the tip of the previous arc added to the number line.

Subtract an arc by clicking on it and reversing direction with the flip button.

Continue until all arcs are placed on the numberline and the tip of the last arc points to the target number for the problem.

Write a number sentence representing your sequence of operations

After you correctly arrange the arcs, you are asked to create a number sequence representing your sequence of operations. Write your number sentence by dragging numbers and operation signs to the boxes along the bottom. If you make a mistake, you may drag numbers and operations out of the boxes and fix your number sentence. When you have a correct number sentence, the computer will confirm that you are correct.

Try a new problem

Click the New Problem button.