Using this virtual manipulative you may:

Add a polyomino to the workspace

Click on the button of the shape you want. You can move a polyomino by clicking and dragging it to a new location. When you place a polyomino next to another one, their edges will snap together.


Click on the corner of the polyomino. Hold down the mouse button and move the mouse in a circular motion to rotate the polyomino. Then release the mouse button.

Change colors

Click to select a polyomino or group and then click on the desired color in the color toolbar.

Remove a polyomino

You can click and drag a polyomino into the trash can or when a polyomino is selected you can just press the Delete key on your keyboard.

Group polyominoes

Click above and to the left of the polyominoes you want to group. Hold down the mouse button and drag to display a box surrounding the polyominoes you want to group together. Release the mouse button. A group is created containing the polyominoes you included in your box. You can move the group in the same ways as you move a single polyomino.

Clone a group of polyominoes

Click to select the polyomino or group you want to copy or clone. Then click the Clone button to add a copy to the workspace.


Click to select the polyomino or group to flip and click the Flip button.

Clear the workspace

Click the Clear button.

Zoom in/out

Click the Zoom In or Zoom Out button.