This virtual manipulative can be used to teach about chance and random choices. You may:

Spin the spinner

Click the Spin button. The spinner will turn briefly and stop in one of the colored regions.

Change spinner regions (Name, Color, and Size)

You may wish to edit the regions of the spinner. You can name regions to match them with the things being chosen, such as people, car brands, or foods. Changing colors will help you to identify your regions on the spinner. Changing the size of a region will change the probability of that region being selected by the spinner.

Click the Change Spinner button. to see list of item sizes, names and colors.

To change the name, type the name for a region of the spinner into the text box.

Make two regions of a spinner into one, using the same name, by making them the same color. Only regions next to each other may use the same color.

To change the color, click in the text box for the region you want to change, and then click on a color in the color palette.

To change the size, click the up arrow or down arrow next to the name of the region you want to change. Clicking the up arrow increases the size of the region. Clicking the down arrow decreases the size of the region.

Click the Apply button and the spinner will show the changes you have made.

Record results from multiple spins

Click the Record Results button. A new window will appear where the results from multiple spins will appear as a histogram that records the results of each new spin.

For multiple spins, in the main window, a text box will appear where you may type the number of spins that you want to record. Now when you click the Spin button, the spinner will be spun the number of times you have set in the text box in the main window. The results of the spins are tallied and combined with any previous results. The resulting data will be shown in the histogram.

Click the Clear button to clear the histogram.

Click the Close button when finished.