Venn Diagrams

This virtual manipulative represents three sets as overlapping circles. You can use it to represent set operations such as intersections, unions, and subsets.

The goal for each exercise is to shade the portion of the diagram corresponding to the given set. You may begin by shading one or more entire sets (A, B, or C) and then clearing portions. When you have only the desired portion shaded, click the Check button.

Shade a region of the diagram

  1. Click one of the texture buttons at the top left (the left-most button is already selected when the activity opens).

  2. Click in a region to fill (shade) with your selected texture.

  3. For additional regions, you can keep your selected texture or choose another.

  4. Click on a set button (A, B or C) to shade the entire set. Ctrl+Click a set button to shade the complement of the set (everything not in the set).

Clear a region of the diagram

  1. Shift+Click in a region to clear its shading. Ctrl+Shift+Click on a set button clears the complement.

  2. The Clear button clears the entire diagram.