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Measurement (Grades 6 - 8)

Virtual manipulatives for Measurement, grades 6 - 8.

Attribute Trains icon Attribute Trains – Learn about shape and color patterns of by completing trains of blocks.
Converting Units icon Converting Units – Use a simple system for converting units.
Fill and Pour icon Fill and Pour – Solve puzzles requiring you to fill and pour containers.
Geoboard icon Geoboard – Use geoboards to illustrate area, perimeter, and rational number concepts.
Geoboard - Circular icon Geoboard - Circular – Use circular geoboards to illustrate angles and degrees.
Great Circle icon Great Circle – Use a 3D globe to visualize and measure the shortest path between cities.
How High? icon How High? – Try your hand at the classic Piagetian conservation of volume test.
Ladybug Leaf icon Ladybug Leaf – Program a ladybug to hide behind a leaf.
Ladybug Mazes icon Ladybug Mazes – Program a ladybug to move through a maze.
Money icon Money – Learn about money by counting and making change.
Pattern Blocks icon Pattern Blocks – Use six common geometric shapes to build patterns and solve problems.
Tangrams icon Tangrams – Use all seven Chinese puzzle pieces to make shapes and solve problems.
Time - What Time Will It Be? icon Time - What Time Will It Be? – Answer questions asking you to indicate what time it will be before or after a given time period.
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