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Algebra (Grades 9 - 12)

Virtual manipulatives for Algebra, grades 9 - 12.

Algebra Balance Scales icon Algebra Balance Scales – Solve simple linear equations using a balance beam representation.
Algebra Balance Scales - Negatives icon Algebra Balance Scales - Negatives – Solve simple linear equations using a balance beam representation.
Algebra Tiles icon Algebra Tiles – Visualize multiplying and factoring algebraic expressions using tiles.
Base Blocks icon Base Blocks – Illustrate addition and subtraction in a variety of bases.
Block Patterns icon Block Patterns – Analyze sequences of figures using pictures, tables, plots, and graphs.
Coin Problem icon Coin Problem – Use deduction to find the counterfeit coin.
Fifteen Puzzle icon Fifteen Puzzle – Solve this virtual version of the classical fifteen puzzle by arranging its tiles.
Function Machine icon Function Machine – Explore the concept of functions by putting values into this machine and observing its output.
Function Transformations icon Function Transformations – Explore how simple transformations affect the graph of a function.
Grapher icon Grapher – A tool for graphing and exploring functions.
Line Plotter icon Line Plotter – Practice drawing lines through a given point having a specified slope.
Pattern Blocks icon Pattern Blocks – Use six common geometric shapes to build patterns and solve problems.
Peg Puzzle icon Peg Puzzle – Win this game by moving the pegs on the left past the pegs on the right.
Pentominoes icon Pentominoes – Use the 12 pentomino combinations to solve problems.
Point Plotter icon Point Plotter – Practice plotting ordered pairs on a graph.
Polyominoes icon Polyominoes – Build and compare characteristics of biominoes, triominoes, quadrominoes, etc.
Stick or Switch icon Stick or Switch – Investigate probabilities of sticking with a decision, or switching.
Towers of Hanoi icon Towers of Hanoi – Solve the tower problem and test your theory by varying the number of disks.
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